C++ shell

Stelfier is an open source shell written in C++. Its main features are migration via reflective DLL injection a'la Meterpreter and completely fileless persistence.


  1. Install Visual Studio Community if you don't have it already. You can find it here.
  2. Open vcshell.sln. On the top bar you can select whether you want to compile for x32 or x64.
  3. Hit F7 to compile. By default the shell will be compiled to a .dll file. You can find it in Release\vcshell.dll or x64\Release\vcshell.dll depending on the architecture you chose.

You can also compile to an executable file. In the left pane, right click "vcshell" near the top and select "Properties" on the very bottom. Search for "Configuration Type" and change it to "Application (.exe)". Hit F7 and you will get an executable.

Changing handler address

By default the shell attempts to connect back to localhost:8080. There is no supported way of changing that, but if you really need to you can open the DLL or EXE with a hex editor and search for "". Change it to your address of choice and pad with nulls if it ends up shorter.


I'm not responsible if anyone takes this shell and uses it to hack NSA. Not that I expect that to happen but I want to be on the safe side.